Introduction to SCM

Ships Classification Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (abbreviated  SCM)  was established in 1994, inspired by the awareness between local professionals and entrepreneurs that the need for such Classification Society is vital in the growing maritime industry in Malaysia.

SCM began her operation in 1997 with the mandate and recognition given by the Malaysian Marine Department to classify Malaysian flag vessels operating within the Malaysia Near Coastal trading limits. Since then, SCM is the only local organization recognized to undertake the classification of Malaysian-registered ships within the country.

However, the service limitation had been lifted by the Government of Malaysia vide the Appointment Letter from the Minister of Transport Malaysia dated 14th December 2007 according to section 10(2A) of Malaysian Shipping Ordinance 1952. Today, after over a decade in operation, SCM has grown tremendously in its manning capacity and the total of number of ships classed.

The business services provided by SCM are not only limited to Classification of Ships, however SCM has been actively involved in a number of Non-Classification activities which includes Project / Management Consultancy and Supervision, Company Audit and Maritime Security and Third Party Inspection. SCM has been appointed as Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) by the Marine Department of Malaysia for approval and verification of ships security plan / assessment under the International Ships and Port Facilities Security (ISPS) Code.

Efforts are being made for SCM to be involved in the offshore industries which include designs, approvals, inspections and certification of offshore structures, pipelines, facilities and equipments.

 Strength And Experience

From a number of 5 staff in 1997, today SCM has a total staff of 50, whereby 30 of them are of technical disciplines. SCM employs technical surveyors on an exclusive basis. They consist of Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Graduate Engineers and Master Foreign Going.

 Registration with Ministry of Finance

Ships Classification Malaysia is now a registered under the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Malaysia under “Pengauditan & Persijilan” effective from August 1st 2003. The “Audit and Certification” code qualifies present SCM activities that are ships surveys, management audits and certification processes.

 ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Ships Classification Malaysia is now a fully ISO certified company. It has been awarded with the ISO 9001 : 2008 certification by SIRIM QAS International within the scope of 'Classification of Ship'.



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